Story Behind
Two Leaf One Bud

Cosmic Tea Plantation is situated in the hill top of south end of Nilgiris Mountains, western ghats and surrounded by Naturally preserved rainforest and bio diversity is its unique beauty. 70 to 100 years old ancient tea Gardens are marvel to produce high quality leaf and buds. The region is completely organic practise by the Government initiative.

Recent years we focused in practicing speciality Handmade teas. Especially in Hand plucking, Hand processing, Handmade and Hand packed practicing to empower Rural Human resources and welfare.

Freshly Harvested Ingredients

Our delicious teas using only the finest natural & freshly harvested ingredients.

100% Natural

We promise to deliver 0% preservative flavours added.

Immune Boosting

From sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm, and more.

Hand Plucked & Processed

We focused in practicing speciality Hand Plucked & Processed.

Eco package

Our tube packaging is 100% biodegradable & refillable.


we focus whole sale shipments throughout the world.